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Introduction of Daido Electronics Co., Ltd.

Corporate Profile

Headquarters and Sales Department

Company name Daido Electronics Co., Ltd.
Establishment January 1990 (Start of operation February 1991)
Capital 1,490 million JPY (100% held by Daido Steel Co., Ltd. as of Oct. 2009)
Representative president Hajime Amano
Products and services Manufacturing and sales of rare earth bonded magnets, radially oriented anisotropic NdFeB magnets, and applied products.
ISO 9001 April 21, 1997
ISO14001 November 19, 2003
Address Headquarters and Factory Sales Department
1642-144 Nasubigawa, Nakatsugawa, Gifu, Japan 509-0132
Tel +81-573-68-6177 +81-573-68-6173
Fax +81-573-68-6176

Access to the Headquarters and Sales Department

Map : Main Factory, Sales Department


1982 Invention of rapidly quenched NdFeB magnets (General Motors: MQ1,2,3)
1987 Start of production NEOQUENCH-P (MQ1)
1988 MQ2, 3 licensed by GM
1990 Daido Electronics Co., Ltd. established
1992 Start of production NEOQUENCH-DR (MQ3)
1994 Daido Electronics Thailand Co., Ltd. established
1997 ISO 9001 certified
2000 Sales moved from Daido Steel to Daido Electronics
2002 Daido Electronics (Hong Kong) established
2002 Shenzhen Baoan Shajing Daido Electronic Magnet Factory established
2003 Daido Electronics Suzhou Co., Ltd. established
2003 Start of production: NITROQUENCH-P
2003 ISO 14001 certified
2009 Nagoya factory and Sales office consolidated into the Headquarters
2010 Daido Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. established
2011 Shenzhen Baoan Shajing Daido Electronic Magnet Factory closed


Map : Locations Daido Steel Group Europe GmbH Daido Electronics Co., Ltd. Headquaters Daido Electronics(Thailand) Daido Electronics ( Suzhou ) Co., Ltd. Daido Electronics (Guang Dond) Co., Ltd. Daido Steel (America)Inc.(Chicago) Daido Steel(America)Inc.Techinical Support Office(Victoria)