Corporate information

Greetings and management principle

Daido Electronics Co., Ltd. produces and markets polymer bonded rare-earth magnets and high energy, radially oriented Nd-Fe-B ring magnets.

Headquartered in beautiful Nakatsugawa city in central Japan, our production centers are strategically situated in Nakatsugawa (Japan), Ayuthaya (Thailand), Shenzhen and Suzhou (China) and sales centers in Japan and Hong Kong in order to meet ever expanding global needs.

We are determined to act on the basis of the following commitments.

  1. We are committed to continuously pursue maximum customer satisfaction with the best “QCDDSS” (Quality, Cost, Delivery, Development, Speed and Service).
  2. We are committed to contributing to the global society through the production and sales of No. 1 products, be it for niche or for major markets, created by our world-class technology and inspiration.

In addition, our activities will be in harmony with the natural environment. All of our manufacturing plants have acquired ISO 14001 environmental management standard certification.

We aim to globalize and revolutionize our business and strive to create clean, safe, comfortable, and rich communities while maintaining a beautiful natural environment. We sincerely ask for your continued support.

Representative president
Hajime Amano