Corporate information

Daido Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Daido Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is the first overseas manufacturing plant from the Daido Electronics Group and it has been operating for over 20 years. It was started as the main plant for HDD spindle motor magnets and then gradually expanded its business into air conditioners, automotive, and sensor-related product markets.

Toward the next 20 years, we strive to contribute to the international society through the pursuit of ultimate technology, innovative management, and by providing the "Global No. 1 products" even if it is for niche markets.

Representative president: YUTAKA KURABAYASHI

Corporate information

Daido Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Established June, 1994
Start of operation July, 1995
Representative president YUTAKA KURABAYASHI
Capital 490 million JPY (invested 100% Daido Electronics Co., Ltd.)
ISO 9001 September, 2002
ISO 14001 July, 2004
IATF 16949 April, 2016
Products Rare-earth magnets (polymer bonded isotropic & hot deformed anisotropic)
Laminated cores with insulation coating
Address 43 Moo 9, Rojana Industrial Park, Rojana Road, Tambol Tanuu, Amphur U-Thai, Ayuthaya 13210, THAILAND
Tel +66-35-330-735
FAX +66-35-330-737

Business activities

Production and sales of rare-earth magnets (polymer bonded isotropic & hot deformed anisotropic) and laminated cores with insulation coating

1. Isotropic polymer bonded rare earth magnet

  • Compression molded magnets
    • HDD spindle motor drive magnets
    • Automotive motors, actuators and sensors
    • We offer a full line of ring and segment magnets with high corrosion resistant epoxy electrodeposition coating.
  • Injection molded magnets
    • For the automotive and consumer electronics markets
    • Injection molding provides high flexibility of shape design
    • In addition to conventional injection molding, overmolding and insert molding with other parts can be designed for your needs.
    • PA type and PPS type binders available

HDD (Hard Disk Drive) and spindle motor magnets

2.Hot-extruded anisotropic rare-earth magnets

  • Radially-oriented ring magnets with world's highest magnetic properties
    • A variety of magnetization patterns (skew, rectangular, etc.) are possible
    • Long, one-piece rings available for easy assembly
  • Axially-oriented, flat plate magnets are now available.

3. Laminated cores

  • We produce laminated cores for motors.
  • Powder coating for optimal corrosion resistance


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fig: Daido Electronics ( Thailand ) Co., Ltd. AccessEnlarge