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Daido Electronics (Guang Dond) Co., Ltd.

The forerunner of Daido Electronics (Guang Dond) Co.,Ltd was Shenzhen Baoan Shajing Daido Electronic Magnet Factory ,which was a tool conversion plant established in 2002.The company name changed to Daido Electronics (Guang Dond) Co.,Ltd when it took full ownership in 2010.It enables us the sales to Chinese domestic companies and production of variety size of magnet as well as tiny size of magnets for vibration motors and sensors.

98% of the employee are migrant workers from many parts of China, and they live together in a lodging near the plant and their average age is 26. Under the circumustanes, they are always trying to meet complete customer satisfaction unitedly with flexible ideas and enthusiasm.

President: Toshiya Okumura

Corporate information

Outlook of Daido Electronics (Guang Dond) Co., Ltd.

Established Established in December 2010
Start of operation December, 2010
ISO 9001 March, 2004
ISO 14001 March, 2004
IATF 16949 February, 2018
Chairman Katsuhiko Yamada
President Toshiya Okumura
Capital 5.6million US$ (invested 100% Daido Electronics(Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. )
Products The rare earth bonded magnet and its applied product sales
Address D7,D8,D9,Xiangda Road,No.1,Danzao logistics center,Danzao town,Nanhai district,Foshan City,Guangdong Province,Peoples Republic of China
Tel +86-757-8122-9251


Manufacturing and sales of isotropic NdFeB bonded magnet products (NEOQUENCH-P)
Various magnets are produced by compression molding or injection molding for cell phone vibration motors, digital camera motors and so on.
A wide range of magnet grades and shapes are available to meet customers' needs.

Cell phones with vibration motors

Injection molded magnets
Ring outer diameter: 2.0 ~ 6.0 mm
Segment outside radius: 2.0 ~ 5.0 mm
Length: 10 ~ 15 mm

Compression molded magnets
Ring outer diameter: 2.0 ~ 6.0 mm
Segment outside radius: 2.0 ~ 5.0 mm
Length: 0.5 ~ 8 mm